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Freedom Consultancy addresses the rising need for individualized solutions and strategic direction in business development, to help our clients and partners become more effective and successful. Our core fundamental belief is that each company, as well as each management team, brings a unique set of advantages and challenges that only a highly customized solution can completely address.

Our Clients

Freedom is a business consultancy offering a broad range of services to the behavioral health sector of the international healthcare industry. Our clients' services cover the entire continuum of care from private practice to residential rehabilitation facilities and transitional living homes.

The focus of our work is targeted at improving inquiry lines, general service provision and successful patient outcomes for providers of alcohol rehabilitation, drug rehabilitation, addiction treatment and mental health services worldwide.

Core Services

Our growth since inception has been attributable to our ability to respond to instruction quickly and effectively, drawing on years of knowledge and expertise in various fields, providing excellence in the following areas:

  • Patient Finance
  • Patient Liability insurance
  • Capital Investment
  • Franchising, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Commercial Finance and Bespoke Insurance Programs
  • Media Consultation and Marketing
  • Please contact us to find out how Freedom Consultancy can assist your agency.


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