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Freedom Consultancy addresses the rising need for individualized solutions and strategic direction in business development, to help our clients and partners become more effective and successful. Our core fundamental belief is that each company, as well as each management team, brings a unique set of advantages and challenges that only a highly customized solution can completely address.

Capital Investment

Through our extensive network of contacts in both the international financial services sector and healthcare industry we are able to ensure that when your business is in need of capital investment whether for expansion of services or simply to consolidate your existing strategy, we can introduce you to a range of financial services, venture capitalists and investment bodies that can assist you in driving your business forward.


We believe that within the behavioral healthcare sector, there are providers with a long and invaluable track record of success, both clinically and financially. Although franchising domestically and internationally is an ancient business model, it has seldomly been used as a strategy for growth and promotion of good clinical practice within the addiction field. We believe that franchising a successful business model will assist other providers to expand into diverse areas, young organizations to be supported and more clients to access proven services, all whilst minimizing financial risk.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As a result of having an active presence internationally and dealing with an array of providers and businesses, we are a natural go to point for businesses who are seeking to expand their mission or are seeking to capitalize on their existing success. We will assist you in meeting the people you need to meet or analyzing which opportunities may make the best sense for your future plans.

Specialist Insurance

Freedom's expertise in identifying and developing niche solutions extends into specialist commercial insurances that are normally too complex or too much trouble for mainstream insurance companies to consider. Our innovative concept generation and reputation for integrity and quality allows us to work closely with international insurers and brokers in creating diverse financial guarantee and bespoke insurance products.

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