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Whether you are developing a campaign or a complete brand from scratch, Freedom's media consultancy will provide your agency with end-to-end solutions that will engage and capture your targeted audience through effective communication.

Media Consultancy

Example of web designFreedom Consultancy incorporates a full service media and marketing agency. We will analyze the direction and scope of your organisationlooking at short, mid and long term goals to achieve an advantage through configuration ofyour communication resources to meet the needs of your targeted audience.

Our media consultancy draws on 20+ years of experience in developing powerful communications through graphic, media and web design. Our creative ability coupled with years of experience in effective content delivery, distribution and response tracking will provide your brand with a leading edge to create an identitythat stands out!

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Search Marketing

The internet is the leading communication medium for the behavioral health field and competition is fierce. Owning a website does not guarantee visibility, submission to search engines does not guarantee placement in listings, paying for clicks will not necessarily provide relevant traffic or a profitable ROI. Understanding the internet, knowing how to effectively promote online and staying informed on the ever-changing trends in search optimization and marketing requires commitment and experience. We understand that online marketing is a continual process and synergy of site and market analysis, creative copy optimization and submission. Our extensive experience and success in search optimization and marketing will provide your organization’s online identity the visibility you need.


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