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Freedom Consultancy's independent position in the international behavioral healthcare field, coupled with extensive experience and relationships in finance markets provides the negotiating power required to establish provider programs with substance and meaning.

International Experience

With many years of experience in the field internationally, we have developed an extensive network of contacts in behavioural healthcare. We have operated at every level of care and across every segment. This breadth of experience has helped us develop a unique position in the field by being able to provide innovative solutions and connections for providers. Whether it is amalgamating ideas we have seen elsewhere and tailor making a new program or service, or assisting a provider to refinance or drive more inquiries through international marketing efforts or a recapitalisation, we are here to help and advice.

Commercial Innovation

We view business associations with our clients and partners as long-term relationships, not short-term contracts, and consider ethics, standards and values to be the cornerstone of our success.

A wealth of international experience, unique creativity and proven success provides our clients and partners with a strategic business relationship unrivalled in the healthcare industry.


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