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The SerenityLoans patient financing program is a unique treatment-specific loan option for individuals requiring financial assistance to help pay for treatment of addiction, behavioral disorders and psychiatric illnesses.

SerenityLoan Application

SerenityLoans is a unique behavioral health loan program available to people that require financial assistance to help pay for services throughout the continuum of care however, application approval is based on your credit score, current debt to income ratio and many other factors. To help us better serve you, please complete the following pre-qualification questionnaire.

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
Are you currently unemployed or receiving state benefits?
Do you have multiple collection accounts or numerous late payments?

Have you had any recent late payments on your mortgage?
Have you declared bankrupt in the last 7 years?
Do you have at least 2 years of established credit?
Are you a US citizen or eligible permenant-based resident?
Is your credit score below 680?
Do you have documentation to prove your income (pay stubs, tax returns, and a divorce decree for any alimony or child support)? If you are self employed do you have your most recent 2 years tax returns complete and does your AGI (line37 on tax return) match the income on your application?
Is your debt to income ratio higher than 42%?
Debt to Income Calculator (in months)
Lead Applicant Gross Monthly Income (do not include spouse income) Monthly Mortgage or Rent Payment (do not include household expenses or utility bills)
Total Other Monthly Verifiable Income (eg child support, alimony, bonuses, rentals) Total Monthly Installment Loan Payments
Co-Signer Gross Monthly Income (do not include spouse income) Total Monthly Credit Card/ Store Card Payments
Co-Signer Other Monthly Verifiable Income Total Monthly Auto Loan Payments
% (Answer DTI question)

Instructions for submitting a SerenityLoan application.

Read the Authorization to Share Information below
We will only share your information with carefully selected banks and lending institutions that will consider your loan application; we do not share your information with any other third party.

Complete Loan Application
Please accurately complete all sections of the loan application on the following screen

Submit the Application
Your loan application will be processed during normal business hours (EST) and we will return the decision to your email address.

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