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Freedom Consultancy addresses the rising need for individualized solutions and strategic direction in business development, to help our clients and partners become more effective and successful. Our core fundamental belief is that each company, as well as each management team, brings a unique set of advantages and challenges that only a highly customized solution can completely address.

Market Analysis

Freedom Consultancy is immersed in the international behavioral healthcare industry; the majority of our time is spent consulting with a diverse range of global service providers and purchasers. This provides us with a unique industry oversight that can help us zone in on your specific organization and assist you in getting some objective feedback about where you sit in the market and in what ways you may wish to diversify or expand.

Emerging Markets

Research and development of service provision in disparate and emerging markets is a passion for us in both commercial and altruistic perspectives.  We appreciate that the provision of behavioural, social and psychiatric services are very diverse internationally in terms of availability and quality, and understand through experience that the best approach to a new population, civilization or language can be wrought with cultural difficulties. We specialize in bridging the cultural gap between disparate markets and believe that this niche area will dramatically grow your business whilst you provide life saving opportunity to innumerable people in desperate need of help, support and your expertise.


Connecting people is what we are about. Whether you are for-profit or not-for-profit, a private practitioner or multi-dimensional organization, media distributor, consumer service and academician; home or abroad, we love helping you share your ideas, get support or widen your horizons by connecting you with professionals with the same vision as you.

New Business Development

We will help you look at possible areas of expansion or ways of gaining additional revenue by broadening the remit of services you provide. With wide experience of what others are doing we would like to help you diversify your portfolio. There are many ways to create additional revenue streams by tweaking an existing operation.


Sometimes the best way to improve the success of your business is to refocus internally on what you are doing and how you are doing it. Streamlining the way you run your operation can dramatically decrease your costs and increase the health of your business. We can cast an experienced and objective eye over what you do and offer you suggestions and solutions.


Whether you want some assistance to set up or improve your systems, professional advice on your strategy or support for your management and executive team, there are times that bringing in outside expertise can boost morale and margins. We bring our experience of this from outside and inside of the behavioural healthcare field and apply it individually to your organization.

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